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Anita Shean is regarded by many as one of the UK’ s leading psychic mediums. She has a client list from the world over and is also very well known for the celebrities she reads for. She has featured in many magazines and is also featured on The Euromillions lottery every week. Anita can be found on facebook and twitter as well.

18th December 2015

Decided to go and see Anita as I felt I had no direction in my life and I was unsure about so many things. she put my mind at ease and knew so much about was bothering me. All my questions has been answered and her foresight into my future has been mind blowing. felt like she has been part of my life for many years as she knew things that only my close family knows about. left feeling like the world is my oyster again. I highly recommend Anita and her amazing gift.

7th October 2015

Am pretty skeptical so having a phone reading I was prepared to give nothing away to this lady but hand on heart this lady has a real gift. Some stuff didnt make sense to me during the reading but after coming off the phone I was like wow names and specific things you just couldn't guess simple.

Have already booked another reading fantastic. 100% recommend!!

22nd July 2015

I had a reading done yesterday morning via telephone. Anita is the most accurate psychic I have ever used. She knew things that were not possible, unless she really had her gift! I feel so much clearer about things in my life now. I would recommend Anita to anyone who is serious about having a reading done. I will be using her again very soon. Thank you so much Anita!

Char Char (Charlene Foster)

21st July 2015

Anita has read for me numerous times and everything has come true.. giving comfort and guidance in some dark times... cannot wait for my reading next month x

20th July 2015

Such a lovely lady who said everything spot on as asked many questions when I got home to friends and family everything all slotted in perfect will defiantly go back when I can

17th January 2015

Anita is a very genuine medium. Her accuracy is astounding.
I have had many readings in the past, but nothing could compare with Anitas, she has given me proof with regards to names of family and loved ones. I would recommend her to anyone.

Thanks Anita, I will be speaking to you in the near future.

18th June 2014

Absolutely spot on with everything she said.. will be going to see her again very soon :) thank you so much Anita x

18th June 2014

Really is amazing! Gave me so much hope and comfort xxxx truly blew me away!

29th April 2014

I have had a few readings in the past from a number of people but none if them are a spot on Anita! If you want a reading please go to Anita don't waste your money elsewhere unless you know you will get an amazing reading. If you have someone you usually go to but would like a change for once go to Anita! Every penny is well worth it! I would even pay more for how accurate she is. It's so spot on there's no way she could of known the things she knows and has brought so much comfort to me. Anita should well and truly have her own tv show, she is truly that amazing. My last reading I had was on the phone which I had never done before and was wondering if it would be as good and it was just as amazing as face to face. It has restored my beliefs that there must be something after. Not like when I have gone to other readings and they get a couple of things right. Aswell as providing excellent readings Anita is a lovely kind person and makes you feel at ease, even if you have a few tears you don't feel uncomfortable! If I could I would see Anita every week. Whenever I've had a reading with Anita I feel so amazing that she has given me the chance to have messages from people close to me that have passed. Anita has been so spot on for example giving me names of people and not like some people going through a long list and it could be anyone. I could write so many things about Anita because she really is such an amazing person to have a reading with. Please give her a try. I haven't gone to anyone else since my first reading with Anita as anyone else I have been to in the past have been no where near as good. Even though Anita should have her own tv show I hope she doesn't in a way, as I won't be able to get a reading :) Xx

6th April 2014

Anita is amazing at what she does, very accurate,honest and straight to the point. Gives u exactly what spirit give her and delivers with compassion. I love reading with anita and am never left disappointed. Thanks anita u continue to help me with my life, and I will always be grateful

6th April 2014

I had my first reading with Anita this morning. I gave her no prompts and she below me away with her accuracy and consistency.

Time and time again Anita gave me specific names and facts that she could not have known beforehand.

I left the reading with a lovely sense of calm and reassurance that things would work out for the best.

Thanks Anita, I will definitely ask for another reading in the future.


6th April 2014

Thanks Anita for the very informative reading today! Lovely caring Reader.. Peoples Names very good in her readings and lots to look forward to very specific too ..

29th January 2014

Absolutely amazing reading. I took my Grandma along too,and we were both left in ore of our readings. You made us both feel very comfortable & it was so nice too see my Granny with a smile on her face after the message from her daughter ( My Auntie ). Looking forward too the next reading. Thankyou so much for putting a whole new light on things :-) X

9th November 2013

Anita was amazing and one of the best readings I have had. She gave a thorough detailed reading with no hesitation to what she was saying and got every detail down to a T! Everything she said has so far been how my life has planned out. I was amazed at the amount she knew. Amazing and would definitely go back again at a later date.
Thanks Anita

18th October 2013

Amazing !

27th September 2013

Anita has an amazing gift!
She brings through such positive and sensitive messages when needed. This lady is able to tell you so much in a very fluent fashion with no hesitations only to gather more in depth information.
I would recommend making the effort to visit as my best readings to this day have been from Anita.

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