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Anne Owen

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  • Maidstone, Kent, UK
  • 01622 764418

Kent based reader Anne Owen

16th August 2017

I would give this lady 0 if i could. Her house had the worst stench I have ever come across. She sat me outside in the garden whilst my sister had her reading. I could somewhat hear my sisters reading, I had to place headphones on my ears to block the information. My sister walked put fuming after her reading. I sat in front of Anne and shockingly she started insulting my sister asking me what is wrong with her, is she always difficult. Anne then went on to exposing personal information about my sister placing her in a vulnerable situation. My reading was no more than 20mins, Anne clock watched and was not focused. Anne often spoke about herself which I found odd. She gave generic information nothing eas oustanding which would set her aside as a psychic. Lastly she had the audacity to make a statement of my sister not being allowed to ever come back for a reading again. Anne was rude, exposed personal information, gave no information to help and was very unhygenic. Save your money and dont bother wasting your time with this fraud

15th August 2017

Had a reading with Anne yesterday. Didn't feel I came away with anything. I felt like I was questioned more and as I told her things I did not feel like I was having a reading.felt very upset coming away from this reading as she told me I was a difficult person. I came for answers and came away feeling more low. I didn't want to do my own reading I came for some direction but was insulted.i was under the impression my reading was confidential. But my very personal things I disclosed to Anne was later discussed with someone I new. Which made me feel that she was very unprofessional.i don't understand how she does the work she says when I only left the room and she then discussed our conversation with someone else. It was very personal and I came away crying my personal stuff was disclosed to someone else...

6th May 2017

Biggest waste of time ever spent. Scary, crazy lady! Wish I had seen these reviews before! House stank so strongly of wee that it made me heave! Don't go! She's nuts!

10th March 2017

Do not recommend at all! Paid for 30 mins, after 8 minutes she asked if I had any questions instead of just being tuned into me. Spent most of the time talking about herself to fill in the time. Lots of awkward silences. Asked leading questions. Talked to me about my friend's partner and if she was even slightly intuitive she would know this is not the person I would ever wish to discuss! Don't waste your money

27th January 2017

Had a reading with this lady by telephone find her to be quite rude and arrogant.

2nd June 2016

Had a telephone reading with this lady. She is not genuine. She was not connected with me, did not say it. Instead went on asking me for details of situations then giving her opinion. Not recommended, at all.

5th November 2013

not a very nice lady almost called the police when after saying i didn't feel the reading was going well she told me i couldn't have my late mothers jewelry back and when threatened with the police she threw it at me.

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