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Consultant Katha

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  • Wimbledon, London, UK

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14th December 2016

Katha is really warm, healing and proffesional person. She is always believing in everyone and give us advices about directions which we wanna follow. Everyone who ever need any help or advice, feel a bit lost can count on her friendly support. She is really accurate, talented and everyone can find way out from trouble by just listen. She also give a chance really gifted and intresting people work with her and help even more people. In spiritual corner you can find informations which can help you change our lifes. Thank you Katha Xxx

14th December 2016

All the girls in the Spiritual Corner are professionals and so kind. They have so much knowledge in the services they are offering. I have tried all of them and they are bang on and have helped me improve my life. The Spiritual Artist is fantastic, her songs are amazing and will help you get through those days. I had my own personalised song made and it was so lovely, the perfect words so talented. Without a doubt i would recommend these girls every time x

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