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Sally Morgan

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Sally was launched into the public spotlight with her TV series Star Psychic in 2007. Since then she’s had success with several TV documentaries including Psychic Sally Big Fat Operation, a fly on the wall documentary showing Sally’s life changing weight loss operation.

14th March 2014

Total rubbish. How does she get away with it. It's disgusting that she can charge people money for this. She is such an obvious fake. At tonight's show a women said both her parents were dead, then later on in the conversation she a question arose and she said she would ask her father tomorrow. Obviosuly, she had forgotten that he is dead! These people are planted in the audience. You could tell by their expressions that they were also fake. Not impressed.

12th March 2014

I saw Sally's 'show' in Hayes last night. I am a firm believer and have attended some marvellous readings at our local spiritualist church. Some of the mediums have been amazingly accurate, even though I have never been chosen to receive a message from the departed. It was obvious that the mediums were saying things that only the receiver and the relatives who had passed would have known. I found Sally's patter very vague and she didn't say anything specific enough to be able to believe she was actually talking to relatives that had passed. I am absolutely amazed that these shows are a sell out and that people are drawn in by her time and time again. The chat amongst the audience at half time was very scathing! I will not be wasting my money on this tripe again.

17th February 2014

i have seen sally 6 times. first was poor. 2nd 3rd 4th 5th great. 6th poor again. seemed to bring up names of people who had been featured in local paper.. ie young boy brain tumour. local soldier. lots of missed names. always ends with same "they are fine". agree silly voices are annoying and not neccessary. dont think i would go see her again but do enjoy the edited version on tv. have had a hit from her.. was 50/50. lovely lady. lovely family . dont believe she is a full physic though

16th February 2014

Have seen Sally 6 times in various locations, always been an entertaining show even if you dont get a message, I have always found her to be accurate, any vagueness generally comes from the audience, I find that occasionally the public are to desperate to get a message & maybe jump in to quickly to accept a message. Would recommend the show to anyone.

16th February 2014

I saw Sally on 31 October 2013 in Blackpool. The messages were very poor/disappointing. You can't fool all the people all of the time Sally :(
Never again.

16th February 2014

I went to see Sally a few months after my lovely mam passed away, I totally believe in her, she was very accurate with my mams illness & what she had passed away with, the only thing was, I was so distraught, that's all I did was cry! I wish that I could have spoken to Sally for longer, I had the microphone but I was a wreck, but I was so glad I went, & it gave me some comfort to know my mam was no longer in torment in life & was finally at peace. I believe her to a kind & genuine lady.

15th February 2014

What can I say just great on my second book and just ordered my third

7th February 2014

I was seated right at the very back of the venue in St. Albans a couple of years ago so I was so shocked when Sally called my name and my dad's name Reg, and said my nan came through. I just wish I hadn't put a note in Sally's goldfish bowl before the show or I would have been more convinced!!

1st February 2014

Went to see Sally at Bedworth Civic Hall and thought she was a very bubbly outgoing person .As with any psycic it is hard to judge wether they are good or bad unless you get a message yourself.She certainly works the audience well .Iwas very dissapointed though when reading in the Daily Mirror 1 of her roadies was telling of a message she gave to someone I think it was in Bristol of how impressed he was at what she said to a person in the audience well the same message was given to a person at Bedworth needless to say I am now quite dubious about her abilities.

1st February 2014

I saw her life and the message I got was really short and I found her a bit off. I cant stand those stupid voices she puts on. Most annoying.

1st February 2014

My daughter and I went to see Sally about a year ago in Stockport. Very excited as she had been one of my fathers heroes. I was extremely disappointed in her. She was extremely vague, there was nothing specific she said to anyone, that there was a definite yes from people. The response from the individuals in the audience were feeder answers. The photo section she only took one photo. The whole show for me and others I spoke to was a farce. No doesn't come across as genuine to me, her show was nothing like the recoded shows we see on tv. I would never go see her again and never watch her on tv.

31st January 2014

Sallys shows are amazing, she gets names spot on and she really interacts with her audiences, i would recommend her shows to anyone.

29th January 2014

I have seen Sally Morgan twice at the Ipswich Regent and have been amazed on both occassions at her accuracy when talking to loved one.s, Unfortunately she didn't have message for me and the regent did not allow us to meet her after the show which was very disapointing.Would have loved to meet her and got message or book signing,

28th January 2014

Seen Sally many many times as have my friends . Some if them have been lucky enough to have someone cone through all genuine very real . Sally is amazing she is honest and true. Not a scammer or money grabber . Wish I could have one to one with her.

28th January 2014

I have seen Sally about 6 times now in Aberdeen.She is amazing and everything she says to the audience is spot on each time.Shes a wonderful caring woman and she is so comical the things that she comes out with and says.A very enjoyable night out and so comforting to know that our passed loved ones are still their watching over us.Sally is the best.

7th January 2014

I've seen Sally twice now... Fist part was slow going then picked up abit at the end .. I did meet her afterwards .. She would only pose for photos with people she had read for !!! Even when the queue wasn't long she STILL wouldnt pose for pictures saying I could take it of the top of her head !!! Wtf
... All the other celebrity psychics I found pleasant and approachable and posed for photos and took time with u but Sally was rushed and rude both times .... Have decided I will not see her again

18th December 2013

went to see sally in blackburn in november, really enjoyed it, except for the fact that people kept getting up and walking about. i felt sorry for sally having to put up with these distractions. highlight of the night shaking john's hand lol

1st November 2013

Very unique lady, absolutely brilliant, seen her 7 times when she's been in my town.

18th October 2013

I really enjoyed going to see sally morgan im going again 31st October on the front row

27th September 2013

Saw Sally's show a few days back first time i have seen her and really enjoyed the show - met her after the show to!!

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